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Cloud DataSafe

Companies today face a daunting truth;  without their data, they have no business.  93% of companies that lost their data for ten days or more filed bankruptcy within a year. 

Traditional tape and disk backup are quickly becoming obsolete
They served us well in their time but are no longer robust enough to meet today's data and information management challenges.  Don't let disasters, human error, hackers, or equipment failure threaten your business.

Modern Data Protection
73% of CIOs describe their organization's current data management practices as outdated or chaotic.  It's time for a new strategy.

Cloud DataSafe
Cloud DataSafe™ offers an automatic, off-site, scalable, recoverable and economic solution.  Your data is stored safely in off-site world class data centers eliminating the need to transport tapes or cds to an off-site storage location.  You never run out of storage space.  As your data grows, your online storage capacity can grow with it automatically.  Other benefits;

  • avoid costly data loss and downtime
  • protection from technical and human risks
  • data storage located off-site and highly secure
  • multiple encryption methods

Alaska Native Corporation Case Study
A local ANC experienced rapid growth and a strong need to protect mission critical data while assuring rapid recovery.  Modern data management was the answer and they now report "...complete peace of mind at a DR level because we know our data is safe and secure." 

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