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Cloud ColoSafe

Cloud ColoSafe offers the mission critical infrastructure needed to keep your business running. Move your servers to NBS' data center facilities and have the peace of mind that your essential assets are online and secure.

Managed or Unmanaged ColoSafe- the choice is yours.
Cloud Managed ColoSafe provides a way to have the support of a world class IT
staff without the costs of an IT department.  This option is perfect for companies that don't want to deal with the hassle of managing their own servers.  Managed ColoSafe allows you to rest easy knowing that a team of experienced IT Engineers are handling your servers and making sure everything is up to date and running at peak efficiency.

Cloud Unmanaged ColoSafe is more cost effective, however, it is not for novices,
as it involves high risk and constant maintenance. It demands time and expertise, so if you don't already have IT staff to handle server maintenance, Managed ColoSafe is a far better and more cost-effective solution. When unmanaged, any updates that need to be applied will have to be done manually, and the inevitable problems that arise will be your sole responsibility.

Benefits of Cloud ColoSafe
Both options offer a secure network.  Finally, a way to free up your time to dedicate
to your business instead of your IT.  You will feel confident that you've colocated your servers inside a world class data center facility that is safe and secure.

Other benefits include:

  • improved bandwidth
  • cost effective
  • keep data secure from outages and breaches
  • business flexibility

What's right for your business?  Call (907) 272-2888 or e-mail for more details.